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Who will be capable of being a space tourist in the future? While the technological hurdles are significant, and the financial incentives are just now developing, the truth is that space exploration and space capitalization are inevitable. The real question is, “Just how physically fit do you have to be to withstand the forces needed to escape Earth’s gravity and atmosphere?"

SpaceX seems determined to shuttle two civilians around the moon in 2018. Two tourists have already submitted their deposits, and are undoubtedly hitting the gym as we speak. It’s evident that SpaceX and NASA are ready to evaluate the health and fitness of potential tourists in much the same way as NASA has always evaluated astronauts, chosen from the finest of military pilots. This prompted the realization that wealth and expertise may not be the final determinant in who initially experiences space travel.

Strangely enough, simply being wealthy enough to afford the initial flights, or be scientifically educated enough to be necessary on later flights, may be enough. After all, there are several civilians who have already visited the space station. Unbelievably, space tourism has been a reality for the last 16 years.

However, it may be oddly appropriate that a clear determinant of who will experience space may be whittled down to our caveman gifts of physical fitness. In any case, as of now, all that comes to mind is the infamous line from Armageddon, “Talk about the wrong stuff.”

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