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How do we determine where you are in your project?  Due Diligence.

Project Analysis

Every Project begins with three questions; Where are you?  Where do you want to be?  How do you get there?  Do you have an invention that you want to develop?  Are you thinking of opening a restaurant?  Do you have a business that is not as successful as you'd hoped?  Are you purchasing a building or are you about to embark on a 300-acre multi-use development?  The Development Process requires Due Diligence in every case.  

What are your Business and Investment Objectives, and how will you remain focused on them to give you the best chance of success?  We will provide you Minutes of our first meeting, along with a Salient Facts Summary of your project.  This immediately develops two objectives; it allows you to visualize where your project is currently positioned, and it allows you to see how serious we are about helping you.  

Due Diligence.  We take on the responsibility of investigating and identifying issues likely to affect a project.  We are in the business of gathering the information you need to reach those Go/NoGo decisions from legal permissibility, design options, market trends, political concerns, and financial feasibility.  

Our services are tailored to your specific project needs.  Some of the Analysis services offered include:

 - Due Diligence Report with SWOT and PEST analysis

 - Investment Summary

 - Financial Model for Ground-Up Construction, Existing Project, or Alternative Options Sensitivity Analysis.

 - Feasibility Analysis including viable alternatives

 - Existing Project Analysis including BQA (Building Quality Assessment) to identify areas of upgrade capacity or enhanced performance opportunities

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