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We're at the starting line, now what?


Now the real work begins.  Seven League Ventures has the experience to know what this means.  As a project management firm, this is where we shine.  We know our Analysis of the Due Diligence has determined our Strategic Planning, and because of this, we are confident in our ability to manage the development from acquisition to disposition.

Seven League Ventures works with the best in their fields to avoid risk, and this begins with negotiations.  Experience in every aspect of the development process allows us to walk into most negotiations with familiarity.  This in turn allows us to negotiate with maximum performance and value as paramount, and in such a way as to minimize future contract disputes. 

Once agreements are in place, the day-to-day management responsibilities become our primary concern.   We screen financial transactions, manage assets, manage development budgets, manage scheduling, and most importantly, manage risk.  Time and money must be respected, and to this end, communication with our client is accomplished through progress & budget reports.  

Let's meet today and discuss how we can take your idea from inception to completion.  

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