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Strategic Planning

Ok, Analysis is done, but you realize you don't know everything there is to know about your project.  This is why it is vital to strategically plan how you will develop your project.  This is significantly easier with experts on your team.  In financing the Time Value of Money is a key equation for a reason, time is the one element you cannot recover or replace.  Let us gather our experts to help you strategically seek your goals in a way that efficiently leads to a successful project. 

Strategic Planning is as vital to the inventor wondering what comes after drawing an idea, as it is to the multi-family developer who just purchased a key land parcel.  What's next?  The project manager knows what's next because the strategy was laid out before implementation of the project. 

Seven League Ventures ensures there is a master plan to guide everyone from the lawyer submitting the applications or beginning the entitlement process, to the developer displaying the Certificate of Occupancy.  We work tirelessly with the best experts to determine the best course of action for success, and to protect your intellectual property throughout the process.  

Planning Services include:

 - Master Plan Designs

 - Business Plans

 - Image Development

 - Project Development Strategies

 - Project Investment Strategies

 - Detailed Cost Estimates with Reliable Budgets

 - Valuation and Cash Flow Financial Models

 - Underwriting Preparation

 - Disposition and Hold Strategies

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